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I hope you will enjoy reading THE AMBERELLA TALES series as much as I enjoyed writing it. AMBERELLA IN THE CITY is the first book. Amberella is based on my own dog Amber who was a faithful family dog for nearly 17 years. She was part Stafforshire terrier and part Welsh corgi as far as my Vet could guess. I got her from some kids in a park who were giving away her and her littermates for free. It was shortly before my son, Chris 13th birthday, so I chose her. We named her Amber because of her fur color.

Many of the other dogs in the obedience class and party in the first book are also real dogs. As I was writing the series, friends and neighbors would ask me to include their dogs in the books and I tried to accommodate everyone. In the first book those dogs with speaking parts who are real are China and Casper. The character Chris is based on my son Chris.